Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I really want

I've just removed three items from my "Yearning for" list on the sidebar: the new Artemis Fowl book, the Dark Knight ticket and a watch. I've managed to get all of them. Special thanks goes out to friends who got me the book and a really special watch cum bangle! I think I'm really lucky in the sense that I can get what I want, but I do think my parents and grandparents pamper me too much when it comes to some things and not enough when it comes to others. For example, my mum and grandparents have no qualms getting me and my sis any clothes I want, and last time my dad bought us a HUGE teddy bear when my sis said she wanted one. Also, my mum is always asking me whether I have sufficient pocket money. It's a good thing that I actually have the sense not to spend on unneccessary things and just keep demanding more, which I could very easily do. But when it comes to the things I REALLY want, like personal freedom, it's so much harder to get it from them. I'd willingly trade a portion of my pocket money for more freedom. Parents should realise that money is not a substitute for everything.

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