Saturday, August 23, 2008

No more jeans for me

Whenever I take the MRT I see loads of girls with jeans. My sis made a good point that jeans don't suit everyone. She thinks, and I agree, that she looks better in skirts. Anyway, why do the jeans I see look mostly the same? Why aren't there cool jeans like these

being sold in Singapore? I do realise that they're not to everyone's taste. But I'm bored of my dark blue jeans which basically look the same as everyone else's. That's why recently I've resorted to trying light-wash jeans that my sis picked up from Salvation Army. I feel like making some rips in them.

I've noticed the attack of the Topshop clones in Singapore. It's a phenomenon that's been around for some time. What are Topshop clones? They're slim girls with long hair trooping around in brightly-coloured Topshop tops (the same shade of electric blue etc.), skinny TIGHT jeans (black/grey/coloured), flats and assorted Topshop accessories. There's a serious lack of originality going on here. Singaporeans don't seem very receptive to out-of-the-norm dressing. I often get stared at when I go out in a more adventurous outfit.

I think this ranting is coming from someone who's almost bored to tears by her studying of maths.

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