Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is what I wore to buy mannequins with my art teacher. A checked shirt from H&M in London, cuffed light-wash jeans from Salvation Army and a very-battered sling bag to keep my hands free. The second photo is a close-up of the necklace I wore. It's a gold-and-silver heart pendant with a rose detail strung on a gold chain. I'm thinking of wearing this shirt unbuttoned over a graphic-print shirt and multiple necklaces.

On another note, I really want to get my hair cut now! Unfortunately nothing beats the convenience of having longer hair that you can tie up in school. So once I'm done with my A levels I'm going to switch to a short hairdo. What about graduation night, some might ask. Well, I don't see a need to follow conventions and have long hair on my graduation night. I think I might look better with short hair anyway. I love Agathe's new hairdo:

I just changed my desktop wallpaper to The Turning Road by Andre Derain. Doesn't it look great?

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