Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Runway

Project Runway's one of my favourite shows, and it's about the only entertainment I have now. The challenges are very fun to watch, especially those that involve creating an outfit out of unconventional materials like those from the supermarket or candy store or recycling facility. One of the final collections I was most impressed with from Project Runway is last season's Rami's. Here are my four favourite looks from his final collection:

Superb, isn't it? I thought they far surpassed any of the garments he created on the show. When I saw the first dress on the left, I was prepared to declare him the winner already. His mastery of draping is evident in the clothes, which I'm sure would look even better in person because they move so well. Inexplicably, he didn't win! This is a huge travesty to me.

My favourite of that same season was Jilian. I thought her final collection was quite nice, just lacking in impact compared to Rami's.

She was inspired by the attire of the Argonauts, and I like how it manifested in the cutting and materials of the pieces. It looks a bit English/ equestrian as well. The splash of red in the inner lining of the jacket is quite dramatic. The dress in the third photo actually looked interesting on the runway because of the skirt's movement and shine.

In addition to the clothes being created, I like to look at what the contestants are wearing. They each have their own personal style which is often quite similar to their design aesthetic. I loved Jilian's style on the show:

Never too fussy, good-fitting, classic yet contemporary. Her accessories are well-chosen: a headband, a vintage red owl belt, rainbow-coloured suspenders etc.

As for the current season of Project Runway, I'm strangely intrigued by Jerell's style:

His style can be described as a fashionable nomad, if that makes any sense. I'm obsessed with his deconstructed grey suit jacket that he seems to wear pretty often. My sis suggested that we can look for a suit at Salvation Army and cut it up. That's not a bad idea at all.

All pictures from the Project Runway website

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