Monday, August 18, 2008

"I've never had wine before breakfast..."

That's what Paul listed as one of the things he's never done before in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Of course, he and Holly proceed to spend a fun-filled day doing the things they've never done before like going to the library for Holly (what??!! she's never been to the library??!!) and stealing goofy masks from a shop for Paul (I like).

Back to the topic about quirky eating habits. Last night my dinner was a mismash of sorts. To be specific, it was waffles, Chinese crystal-skin dumplings (my attempt at translating shui jing bao), pita bread with leftover roast chicken and cucumbers and chee cheong fun (this I have no idea how to translate). I think only in Singapore, where different cuisines are sometimes blended together into a single dish, would you get a meal of this sort. I've tried some fusion restaurants and kind of liked them. I recall a delicious fusion foie gras dish that I mistook for beancurd because of the creamy texture. Believe me, I don't usually go around ordering animal innards. In fact, I hardly eat meat in school at all now. I also remember eating rice for breakfast. Then again, that's not so odd because it's what the Japanese do.

As for wine before breakfast, I'm kind of curious as to how that will turn out. I usually drink wine at night. One of my habits could be said as "Baileys before bed". I like to drink Baileys Irish cream when I'm about to go to bed as it warms me up and puts me to sleep easily. Wine before breakfast? Why not?

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