Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I really don't believe this.

I was outside Takashimaya today, just about to walk in to get art supplies from Art Friend, when I was stopped by two women proclaiming themselves to be "wellness experts". One of them showed me a book containing before-and-after photos of people who have lost weight. It amazes me that they would actually approach me. If I lost the amount of weight those people supposedly lost, wouldn't I be reduced to nothing?

Also at Orchard, I spotted this young woman who was very beautiful and stylish! Definitely the most well-dressed person I've seen in Singapore. She was wearing a short grey dress with draping detail at the hem, with short black socks and black heels. She looked fantastic. Then I saw a man, quite well-dressed too, chasing after her and waving his namecard. I'm guessing that he's a model scout. I considered shouting at him "Me wants to be a model!" just for laughs but decided against it.

Other than materials for my coursework, I also purchased a small, long canvas to paint and put in my room as it was on sale. This makes me so happy for some strange reason. Oh, and my art teacher really likes what I've done for my final so far (it's a secret). Yay!

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