Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want to share another happy event in my life- after decades my father has finally quit smoking. This means goodbye to the days of my mum chasing him out to smoke, stealthily throwing away his cigarettes, putting up no smoking signs etc. Seriously, those are some tactics we have tried over the years. A shadow seemed to hang over our family in those times. It seems like it's finally got to him that he's destroying his life by smoking.

The reason I consider smoking so serious is because many years ago my grandfather passed away of lung cancer. I've seen the pain it caused to him as well as his family members. So it really beats me why anyone would take up smoking knowing fully the potential dangers. Why would someone intentionally damage his or her health? I think health is one of the most important things to have. I'm saying it because I'm alot better off now than in the past when I had serious allergies.

Yay, dad! Hopefully he can keep it up.

PS. Thanks for your lovely comments, sil!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After A Levels

Just a note about what I'll be posting on this blog after my exams are done. Since my dearest friends Ly and Sil are leaving for their home country, I'll use this blog to keep them informed about what I'm doing.

I'll post updates on the portfolio that I'll be working on- I'm particular excited about the Parsons challenge! My portfolio will be my first priority after A levels. I'll be returning to Malaysia for a short while too. A nice change of scenery might inspire me :) Since I often speak of Malaysia, I think I'll bring a camera this time to document the places I often go to when I'm there, the things I do, the food I eat etc. and show you guys the photos (do the same too, Sil! Ly you don't have a camera right?). I'll also blog about my sis' jewellery projects (so many planned out now).

I think it'll be fun to show our wardrobe and accessories plus my mum's! Maybe in a video. She's collected a wealth of beautiful jewellery and it'll be a pity not to show it.

Yup, so basically our holiday activities. So many things I can do! Just need to get the exams over and done with first.

More pics

This is for you, sil. Enjoy! The third picture is the photo I used for my postcard and the fourth is of my family, including my brother's girlfriend :) My second brother wasn't there. The atmosphere that night was wonderful. It feels really different from day, which is why showing people before the exhibition doesn't have the same effect. If you recall, the room was originally in shambles. It looked great that night- so clean and professional, like a real gallery! That's because we spent a whole afternoon scrubbing the floor :) Hardly glamourous. There were many more works i didn't take photos of- 15 works in total. Also, our computer room on the floor below screened the video and animation works. Too bad you didn't get to see those 'cos they were really great.

And guess what? Mr Whitby went to see my work! How sweet of him right?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two momentous days in my life

One was last Friday when I had my ART EXHBITION!!! Enjoyed myself so much.

It means alot to me to be able to share my work with the people who matter the most to me, my family and friends. If you look closely you'll be able to see the stack of my postcards on the floor. Of course I gave one to my brother's girlfriend aka my future sis-in-law :) They seemed pretty impressed by the exhibition.

And today... was our last japanese class. Sayonnara to the years of classes at the language centre! So many memories. Feels like I'm very different from the person who first stepped into the lc.

The view from outside our container classroom.

Our sensei treated us to machya (green tea) rolls with cream and a red bean paste centre. Super super delicious!

Class photo in our classroom. Trying to be kawaii. I love the paw action! Reminds me of the raccoons in Hayao Miyazaki's film.

またね!(means see you again)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is gonna be my last post in a looong time. After today I'm swearing off the computer for two months, which explains the bombardment of posts today. It's sad 'cos I haven't seen all the collections and I wanted to do a compilation of dream clothes for my spring wardrobe. I think I won't have time to make a prom dress so I've come up with an outfit from my closet. I really like the outfit! It has a bit of a classic, vintage vibe. I'm not buying anything, not even shoes. That way I can save money for my education next year. I'm a little scared by the recession now. Especially 'cos my brother works for an American bank. I don't think we'd be badly hit, but we must allow for a worst-case scenario. It makes me hesitant about studying fashion, 'cos I don't want to add to my family's financial burden. But I'm quite determined not to turn back, unless I don't get into any schools. Which is a likely scenario, but I want to at least try.

Okay, more pictures! Menswear-inspired as well.
My mum's pants. From their bagginess I'd say they're from the '80s. I tried two pant lengths and liked both. My sis says she likes me in pants.
Also my mum's pants, worn with my grandma's lace camisole. I like the subtle checks and zipper details.

This is the outfit I was referring to in my previous post. I think it's SUPER DUPER COOL. I must be a deprived kid. What else could explain my desire to cross-dress? You can tell from the silly smile on my face that I so enjoy doing this :) I knew I should have bought the pirate hat from Tokyo Disneyland. Then I can wear it with this outfit. Muahahaha!

Tao SS09
It is hard to pinpoint why I like this collection, given that it is a mishmash of elements. There's the English influence in the riding pants and tights, the hats, the floral prints, the cut of the jackets etc. At the same time, the way that seemingly-disparate elements have been put together seems evocative of Japanese streetstyle, a reference to the designer's Japanese roots. It's got to be my interest in Japanese streetstyle that draws me to these looks.

Comme Des Garcons SS09

WOW. How mysteriously alluring this collection is. Rei Kawakubo seems to exploring the quality of black in a way that is different from the other designers. Black is the absence of light or colour and consequently often looks heavy and oppressive. Rei seems to have embraced this quality in her use of leather. But at the same time, black can take on sheen or lightness based on the material used, a point which Rei also displays. The hairdos are out of this world too. They give the effect of wisps of smokes, which counters the stuffiness of the funereal black. I sense a metaphysical quality in the presentation of this collection.

Dries Van Noten SS09
The jewellery reminds me of Christmas bobbles, but in in a good way. I like the stark contrast of black-and-white checks and vividly-coloured checkerboard fabric with the metallic touches.

Fendi SS09
I found the silhouettes and treatment of fabrics at Fendi very interesting. I like designers who employ innovative use of materials, which is why I like Comme Des Garcons, whose knits are fabulous. The muted palette with occasional touches of red and cobalt blue appealed to me as well.

Balenciaga SS09
Balenciaga is one of my favourite brands. I think it makes great jackets and pants. This collection rocks in a space-age way. The glitzy dresses are supposedly inspired by solar panels. Even classic jeans are updated with a special treatment. Nicolas Ghesquiere wisely sets the flashy colours against a clean palette of pale-grey tights and white/nude skintight tops. The overall aesthetic is fabulous. The collections I've been posting are my favourites. More to come!

Pages from my book

After As I'm gonna organize the stuff I collected from my trips to Japan and Europe into travel scrapbooks. Whee! So fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Photos taken by me and my classmates for an art project last year. I think you can tell what the story is.

My sis is a genius

Isn't this jewellery set gorgeous? She made it for our aunt in Japan.

Some art stuff

This was doodled one day in school when I was feeling bored and started observing the different trees.

A structure created in IP1.

My SYF poster design that I did last year.

Drawings of my sis done some time ago. I really need to draw more. It's painfully obvious from these that drawing is my weakness.

Drawings of horses done in IP2.

Sketch of my IP2 UOB painting.

My very first still life and first time using acrylic paint in IP1.

Graffiti project in IP2.

Hope that gave you a glimpse of what AEP was like in IP. It was very fun! Posting this certainly brings back memories.