Sunday, August 24, 2008

"the clear vowels rise like balloons..."

That's a quote from a poem by Sylvia Plath in my lit. paper. It reminded me of this cute vintage dress:

Balloons in the air! Whee!

Ok, I hope my analysis is not going to get LAUGHED AT. I'm feeling absolutely mortified now by what I wrote. This always happens after a lit. test- delayed reaction. For the initial stages after the test I feel ok, and then realisation sinks in- "what did I just write?!!" I had a really hard time making a mental connection between babies and museums. Both occur in the same poem. Then after the test, Silvia promptly informed me that she finds it hard to decipher the meaning of Sylvia Plath's poems and that's why she picked the other question. Thanks, Sil...

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angesil said...

haha. sylvia plath is one mad woman u know. striving for perfection in her poetry. she battles depression all her life. and she married a poet, unhappy marriage. then she committed suicide by turning on the gas stove. how decipherable is such a poet's poem? haha. and tennessee william choked to death on a bottle cap. i have no idea what these literary geniuses were thinking! haha.