Monday, August 25, 2008


By now you should have figured out that trying on outfits is our favourite sister-bonding activity. Here are some more outifts revolving around our long white gypsy skirt, which has proven to be incredibly versatile:

Look 1 (left): lace camisole, striped jacket from aunt
Look 2 (right): grey tank dress worn as top, mum's thin black leather belt with silver clasp

Look 1: Clubmarc filmy orange high-neck top, mum's coral-and-gold bangle
Look 2: peach bangle

Look 1: yellow top from London Oxford Street discount store, necklace with wooden and crocheted beads made by sis
Look : lace camisole from grandma, mum's assorted bangles

Look 1: Elle black spaghetti strap-top trimmed with lace and red velvet, chunky lucite bangle with flower motifs and swirls of orange, yellow and black
Look 2: yellow felt flower and white rose edged in pink, both made by me
Look 3: Forever 21 white rose ring and mum's red bangle

Look: white tank top, Ice Lemon Tee embroidered denim vest, thin brown belt, mum's assorted bangles (except for the top one- a vintage bangle from London's Portobello Market)

Look 1: Clubmarc blue spaghetti-strap top with black flower pattern
Look 2: Zara dark blue-and-white striped top

Look 1: white top from Oxford Street, thin brown belt with small gold studs

Look 2: Salvation Army white bib top, Salvation Army thick brown belt

Look 1: fake jade necklace from Portobello Market, mum's bangle

Look 2: The Island Shop glass beads necklace, utilitarian sling pouch given by mum

Look: assorted beaded ethnic tops, vintage bag from Portobello Market (lass picture)

Look 1: printed top, Clubmarc pink quilted bag

Look 2: Padini sequinned top, lucite bangle


trinh said...

I love the embroidered denim vest!!! :D And I think the flowers you made and attached to one of the shirt really elevates it into another level! Haha... Nice! Keep this going!!! ^^

angesil said...

hey. lace is back in fashion =) why not wear the lace camisole over a solid-coloured top. will look classy =D am referring to Prada's fall collection.

angesil said...

oh and i really love the accessories. esp the gold bangle =)and i agree with u that the general singapore fashion sense is not very stylish. u know there are many teenage girls who wear super short shorts that cover just underneath their butts. then they wear havainas flip flops and a spaghetti strap top. and they're seen EVERYWHERE. such a lack of originality!
i wonder how they can walk on flip flops all the time. i always manage to slip even when i'm wearing them while strolling downstairs. i'm a wedge/flats girl anytime! =D