Monday, July 6, 2009


I just found out that I won a LG GD900 Crystal phone in the Fashion Nation contest. Wow! I'm so psyched right now. I never expected this as I wasn't sure if people shared my taste. Thanks to all who had a hand in the selection! Here's my winning entry, created on Polyvore:

Also, I finally caved in and ordered two pieces from Schwing Schwing's new collection launched yesterday night- the white dress inspired by a similiar piece from Complex Geometries for me and the black wrap vest for my sis.

I've always admired the pared-down aesthetic and versatility of Complex Geometries' pieces so I'm happy to be able to own something similiar at a fraction of the price. They should be arriving in the mail within this week. That'd be two fantastic packages I'm receiving (the phone AND the clothes!). Hopefully they'll turn out well. I'll try to write a review and post some modelling pics. That phone will be the perfect accessory for the clothes!

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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

congrats! i like the polyvore outfit. i like some of the clothes on that site, too.