Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Early Christmas

I received my package today containing the two pieces I ordered from local site Schwing Schwing. I was so excited that I had to try them on immediately.

This white dress turned out a lot bigger than I expected- maybe I'm just petite? It's free size by the way. I like that I can wear it in loads of ways. Its potential shall be further explored.

This black vest/ top turned out GREAT. I think it looks better in person, like the white dress. It's very hard to explain what the cut is like, but the drape is nice and there's a pretty neat tab detail that you can pull out and fasten. I have absolutely no complaints to make about it and I really like it. If there's anyone who's planning to buy something from the site, I'd recommend this. In fact, I'm trying to refrain from getting more things for myself. The service was prompt and pleasant- I placed an order on Sunday night and after payment and everything I received my stuff on Wednesday morning. That's less than three days.
PS. The ankle boots I'm wearing are from Nine West in Abu Dhabi.


Kb said...

I recently found this site as well, so amazed at the prices! what is the quality like? I love that dress btw.

Yi Lin said...

the material of these two pieces is just normal stretch cotton. the quality is ok, nothing to complain of, just what's expected of the price.