Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Givenchy HC 09

Have you ever experienced times when you wake up with a jolt in the morning, as if your body has been programmed to do so, then find that you are too darn excited to return to sleep? Well, this morning was exactly like that for me. Thoughts of the newly-released haute couture collections and the Half-Blood Prince UK premiere filled my mind and I had to get out of bed. One collection certainly didn't disappoint- Givenchy's:

Designer Riccardo Tisci's signature studs of varying shapes and sizes are applied in semi-intricate patterns. In a deviation from usual gold ones, red studs are used on some garments for a strong pop of colour (right). This hint of red in the collection is highlighted by the dramatic gradient effect on the bottom of a long white gown (centre).

The three bridal gowns in this collection are simply sublime. Their sweetness and romance are tempered by a slight tough edge introduced by the studded accessories. The chunky studded hair bands remind me of the thorned crown of Christ. Tisci's work fascinates me with its seamless blend of romantic and gothic elements. Nothing is ever too pretty.

Now for the stunning details (isn't that what couture is about?): The piles of bangles create a really striking effect. Couture is when one can go over the top without worrying about being too crazy. When truly genius couture is achieved, the audience is swept up by the strength and clarity of a vision and mentally transported elsewhere, even for a brief moment. With the creative freedom given, garments that are amazing works of art can be created. I'm saying all this only because:

You may know that Christian Lacroix recently filed for insolvency, and the label is in serious jeopardy. Recession blues, anyone? It's a miracle that he managed to put on a couture show at all. I'm not a big fan of his work but it still hurts me to think of the potential loss. Couture is creativity at the most sublime level, and the Lacroix label is a stellar example of that.

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