Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blogger Products

The blogger who gave definition to the word 'streetstyle', the Sartorialist, has released a book compiling some of his shots as well as his thoughts on style. I'm planning to build my own collection of books and this seems like a great addition. Other titles I want to acquire? Under the Tuscan Sun (love its descriptions of rustic Italian cooking) and To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as a coffee-table book on modern Japanese houses.

Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre is probably the most famed illustrator in the fashion blogosphere and a great inspiration to me. His beautiful art is now emblazoned on a T-shirt and two Harajuku Lovers bags. How cute are they for school?

You know what? It'd be cool to have products featuring my own artwork. Just like it's my dream to produce my own line of clothes.

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