Saturday, July 4, 2009

Minimalist Elegance

I've developed an interest in menswear lately, which is bad news because it means spending time checking out mens' collections. I love the breeziness and casual elegance of these collections, qualities which spell 'SPRING' to me. I also like the details that punctuate the garments and make them special, be it the sewn-on patches and dangling vine cutouts at CDG or the subtle sparkles at Ann D. I've noticed that many aspects of men's clothing can actually be translated into womenswear. Things like brogues, men's shirts and boyfriend blazers come to mind. Is it a wonder that such items are considered classic, since menswear is less 'seasonal' than womenswear? Maybe the old adage that women are more whimsical holds water.

On a personal note, I just purchased a pair of striped men's canvas shoes from Cotton On. At least, I think they're men's as they were found in the male section. The funny thing is that these shoes were being ignored by shoppers in the store, who were mostly female, until I started trying them on. Then one girl spotted me, elbowed her friend, and they came over to look. I guess most people don't think of venturing into the men's section, which can be a treasure trove.

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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i always want the men's shoes but i can't. they're also more expensive. my blogroll probably lists half as many fashion blogs by men as women's.

what's your shoe sizing, btw? any photo or mod pics? :)