Friday, July 10, 2009

Reckless Ericka on Not Just A Label

Singapore label Reckless Ericka, which debuted at the Blueprint show in this year's Audi Fashion Festival, has now been added to the designer directory of Not Just A Label. The web shop showcases the work of emerging designers and, like its name suggests, only a select number make it to its ranks. Great news for the designers of Reckless Ericka, who now have another avenue to sell their pieces.

Some of my favourite RE pieces (from their own website):

This draped top that can be worn in a multitude of ways (two pictured). Lately I'm fascinated with such multi-functional garments both because of their versatility and the ingenious cutting.

These two tops are actually unisex. I like the texture on the first and the print on the second.

A cool Union Jack-printed dress/tunic (left) and a floaty grey one gathered in the middle (right).

Something I've observed is that local designers lack adequate platforms for retail. The shop Blackmarket is one of the few, but it's located in Jalan Pisang, a pretty inaccessible place. I can't help thinking that online is perhaps the way to go- no concerns about high rental costs.

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