Saturday, July 4, 2009

Schwing Schwing

I just discovered this awesome newly-established site through the blog Park and Cube. Shini owns one of the pants by the label. The clothes are extremely affordable (seriously, check it out!) and best of all, it's based in Singapore so prices are posted in Singapore dollars and normal local postage is FREE. How convenient! Here are the pieces I like the most:

These flashy gold rings are verging on being Ah Beng-ish (means gangster in local slang). Why do I have a serious lust for them? They look like they could cut through glass. Killer.

Paperbag-waist cropped pants are so fun to style. Looks best with towering heels.

Now a shorts version! These are cute.

What a freaking cool sweater! It's not the most original (almost every fashion blogger who considers herself 'edgy' has one) but it's still pretty rad.

I really like its versatility. The dropped sleeves give it a laid-back vibe and makes it cool enough for our tropical weather, but pairing it with bling will dress it up suitable for a night on the town.

The last dress is only available for backorder til 11pm tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm on a shopping ban so it's nada to all of these for me. I'll be checking back though; the shop updates pretty regularly and stocks sell out fast so you've got to be quick. They ship internationally as well. Their sister label The Scarlet Room is available at equally affordable prices, but Schwing Schwing's aesthetic is much more suited to my taste. Excuse me while I cry over the loss of that badass hole-y sweater and dress.

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