Friday, March 13, 2009

THANK GOODNESS Fashion Week is over because, truth be told, I was getting a little too obsessed. My three favourite collections are Commes des Garcons, Rick Owens and Marni. However, there were many great contenders, including Ann Demeulemester (hope I got her name right), Lanvin, Missoni, and Doo.ri.

Let me write about something else, something decidedly NON-fashion today. Me and my sis have always dreamt of having our own house together in future, that we can decorate. We both like a country-style home with Oriental touches. If possible, I'd like a mix of the old and the new. There's something very beautiful about the look and feel of weathered wood, or dulled metal. I find Yves Saint Laurent's home in Marrakech (below) truly inspiring.

I also said to my sis that I'd buy local art to put in our homes- some simple pottery, and abstract paintings. I think abstract paintings are so wonderfully emotive and sublime, more than representational ones. Local art is affordable and has a point-of-view unique to this region. More importantly, I desire to support local talent and relish the thrill of disovering relatively-unknown names.

To me, home should be a place where I can relax, feel like my self, and gain refreshment and inspiration if I need it.

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