Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birds and Statues

I've gotten into collages lately and I find these two by woefoep particularly lovely. It must be because of my fascination with the idea of birds perched on statues. The juxtaposition of a living creature with an inanimate object, and the contrast between the vivid colours of a bird's plumage and the muted hues of a statue's stone, present a hauntingly poetic and slightly surreal image.
Picture from a photography magazine
'Black Magic' by Surrealist painter Rene Magritte
Statues seem very lonely and desolate. They stand for centuries, weathering through the rise and fall of numerous civilizations and the birth and death of uncountable human beings. They are a symbol of transcendence, yet their own destruction is inevitable and imminent. I recall reading a poem once about the ruins of an ancient city, with the remains of a statue buried in the sand of the desert. Wish I could find that poem again.

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Ly said...

Was that poem Ozymandias?