Sunday, March 8, 2009

I spent a very enjoyable evening with family and relatives having Italian food. It's going to be a busy week for me, what with all the university and scholarship applications that I have to do. It seems that studying fashion design overseas is hardly an option for me anymore, as I can't find a suitable scholarship. I'm disappointed really. Unless the schools I REALLY REALLY want to attend accept me. Then I'll have to think of some way. But for now it's nada for me.

I'm planning to apply for the University Scholars Programme at NUS, partly because I'm intrigued by the topic of the selection essay. I know, people will say, "Huh? You're applying because you WANT to write the essay?". Usually essay-writing for applications is tedious, you see. But this time the topic is refreshing- an idea or concept that fascinates you, from any field, and how it broadened your thinking. I think this topic is so me. Right now, I've thought of at least 4 ideas. The problem is picking one.

I don't know if others ever feel this way, but sometimes I think there's a gap in interest between me and my parents. There are things I like that they don't understand, and I wish they did. If you love someone, you'd want to make an effort to understand them, and a way to do that is to learn about their interests. Subjects like art, design, literature, philosophy- these aren't things that I can talk to them about. Instead, they're often trying to educate me on finance and other more practical matters. I almost feel like my teachers know me better, because they've actually read my essays, seen my art, and watched the way I work. I don't recall my dad reading a single essay of mine.

Part of me sincerely wishes that one day, my mum or dad will voluntarily ask me if they can read my university paper, for example. I'll be touched by such a gesture. Sometimes I think they need to recognize my talents more, and love me for who I am and not who they want me to be. That's a maxim every parent should follow.

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