Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want to share another happy event in my life- after decades my father has finally quit smoking. This means goodbye to the days of my mum chasing him out to smoke, stealthily throwing away his cigarettes, putting up no smoking signs etc. Seriously, those are some tactics we have tried over the years. A shadow seemed to hang over our family in those times. It seems like it's finally got to him that he's destroying his life by smoking.

The reason I consider smoking so serious is because many years ago my grandfather passed away of lung cancer. I've seen the pain it caused to him as well as his family members. So it really beats me why anyone would take up smoking knowing fully the potential dangers. Why would someone intentionally damage his or her health? I think health is one of the most important things to have. I'm saying it because I'm alot better off now than in the past when I had serious allergies.

Yay, dad! Hopefully he can keep it up.

PS. Thanks for your lovely comments, sil!


trinh said...

Oh my, this is truly happy news! Congratulations to you and your family! Maybe you can help your dad keeping it up by giving him encouragement and maybe suggesting to him some fun things to do so that he won't think of smoking again.:D

angesil said...

my grandpa (frm mum's side) used to smoke too. then some1 told him that smoking is bad for health and he threw the cigarettes away and never went back to it. haha. support ur dad! =) i dun like smoking either. it kills everyone, slowly too... i better invent cigarette extinguisher soon =P haha.

angesil said...

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angesil said...

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