Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More pics

This is for you, sil. Enjoy! The third picture is the photo I used for my postcard and the fourth is of my family, including my brother's girlfriend :) My second brother wasn't there. The atmosphere that night was wonderful. It feels really different from day, which is why showing people before the exhibition doesn't have the same effect. If you recall, the room was originally in shambles. It looked great that night- so clean and professional, like a real gallery! That's because we spent a whole afternoon scrubbing the floor :) Hardly glamourous. There were many more works i didn't take photos of- 15 works in total. Also, our computer room on the floor below screened the video and animation works. Too bad you didn't get to see those 'cos they were really great.

And guess what? Mr Whitby went to see my work! How sweet of him right?

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angesil said...

thank you darling darling oh i really love the photos very much and am so very very very proud of u and all the works that u guys have put up! -am getting emotional- keep going and keep doing what you love because I love you and many many people love you for what you do and more importantly, who you are. no matter the challenges just keep going darling and never give up! =) to thyself be true =D