Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After A Levels

Just a note about what I'll be posting on this blog after my exams are done. Since my dearest friends Ly and Sil are leaving for their home country, I'll use this blog to keep them informed about what I'm doing.

I'll post updates on the portfolio that I'll be working on- I'm particular excited about the Parsons challenge! My portfolio will be my first priority after A levels. I'll be returning to Malaysia for a short while too. A nice change of scenery might inspire me :) Since I often speak of Malaysia, I think I'll bring a camera this time to document the places I often go to when I'm there, the things I do, the food I eat etc. and show you guys the photos (do the same too, Sil! Ly you don't have a camera right?). I'll also blog about my sis' jewellery projects (so many planned out now).

I think it'll be fun to show our wardrobe and accessories plus my mum's! Maybe in a video. She's collected a wealth of beautiful jewellery and it'll be a pity not to show it.

Yup, so basically our holiday activities. So many things I can do! Just need to get the exams over and done with first.


angesil said...

yes i promise i will keep my blog updated too! haha. my parents are getting a computer hopefully by december then i can post my pictures. if the computer and internet come only in january then well u have to bear with only words on my blog coz i dun want to connect my camera to possibly virus-infested public computers in the internet cafes i go to. but no matter what yes i'll keep updating my blog and sending u emails. dun put me in spam! btw my email is in case u haven't changed my email address in ur address book yet =P lotsa love!

trinh said...

Yay, I'll look forwards to reading your blog, and I will try to keep my blog updated too!!! Oh man, so many exciting things to do after A's. I might be able to convince my parents to get me a camera, haha... Sweet-talking is my specialty! ^^ Yup yup, if not, I will just take blurry phone-camera pictures, supplement with massive narrative and description!!! Hahaha...