Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is gonna be my last post in a looong time. After today I'm swearing off the computer for two months, which explains the bombardment of posts today. It's sad 'cos I haven't seen all the collections and I wanted to do a compilation of dream clothes for my spring wardrobe. I think I won't have time to make a prom dress so I've come up with an outfit from my closet. I really like the outfit! It has a bit of a classic, vintage vibe. I'm not buying anything, not even shoes. That way I can save money for my education next year. I'm a little scared by the recession now. Especially 'cos my brother works for an American bank. I don't think we'd be badly hit, but we must allow for a worst-case scenario. It makes me hesitant about studying fashion, 'cos I don't want to add to my family's financial burden. But I'm quite determined not to turn back, unless I don't get into any schools. Which is a likely scenario, but I want to at least try.

Okay, more pictures! Menswear-inspired as well.
My mum's pants. From their bagginess I'd say they're from the '80s. I tried two pant lengths and liked both. My sis says she likes me in pants.
Also my mum's pants, worn with my grandma's lace camisole. I like the subtle checks and zipper details.

This is the outfit I was referring to in my previous post. I think it's SUPER DUPER COOL. I must be a deprived kid. What else could explain my desire to cross-dress? You can tell from the silly smile on my face that I so enjoy doing this :) I knew I should have bought the pirate hat from Tokyo Disneyland. Then I can wear it with this outfit. Muahahaha!


trinh said...

Lol... the last outfit is cool. Just add the hat and the makeup and we will have Captain Jack Sparrow! Haha...

angesil said...

yeah i like the last outfit too. but how about putting it a spice of colour besides black and white like wearing a bright-coloured or earthy brown-coloured shirt? i'm seeing too much black and white for next season's collection. it's depressing. haha. eh spring summer 2008 jean paul gaultier is very piratish too =D and i like the hole-y wedding dresses he did. so fun! this year's gaultier stuffs not as fun. hermes is fun though. and i found a scarf at the bottom of my closet that can be used as a fringe wrap ala hermes spring summer 09.
i think the most memorable collections are from hermes, chanel, and anna sui. especially anna sui. she hasn't caught the black-and-white flu bug yet. thank goodness!

angesil said...

oh how about an oxidised metal buckle for a more piratish feel? =D