Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Technically this IS menswear 'cos I'm wearing my dad's/brother's vest :) It's quite big on me but I've made it fit by cinching it with a black Dorothy Perkins corset belt.

It can't be seen clearly but I'm actually wearing dark green ribbed socks.

The tie was also stolen!
Wearing with my Americaya black ankle boots.
My checked mango miniskirt makes another appearance. I like the beaded neckline of the white top I'm wearing underneath.
The tights I'm wearing are SO FREAKING COOL. From the front they are barely discernible but at the back they have a line that runs down your leg, ending in a ribbon detail. The dress I'm wearing underneath is a very beautiful white full-lace dress.

Ankle boots vs. my mint green bow-front shoes. Can't decide which I like better.

I actually have an even more FULL-ON menswear outfit that I won't post today (I think it is very cool!) If you're wondering, I didn't take these photos today. They were stored on my computer. Yes, I have a folder of outfits that I haven't posted yet :)

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