Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hussein Chayalan SS09

I love this collection! It has a vaguely sci-fi feel that I'm into right now. Chayalan superimposed images of crushed cars onto his designs, creating a very cool print that looks like it has texture as well. It's amazing how something so hard and industrial (i.e. car metal) can look slightly organic, like molten lava. It's also intriguing how the images have been seamlessly incorporated into the designs such that the reference is barely discernible from afar, but recognisable upon close inspection.

Love the shapes of these! Even the cut has a connection to cars. The flatness of the first resembles the outer 'skin' of a car, while the second and third remind me of what car mechanics wear. The second dress also seems to be inspired by car components such as wing mirrors. I like that they are sculptural in a subtle way.

The lighting creates a surreal atmosphere and space-age look.

This model's beauty is so stunningly perfect that she looks like an android! Which of course ties in with the futuristic feel. The hint of a carplate at the top corner of her dress is refreshing; so is the green.

The material of the second and third dress looks like the leather used to line the inside of cars. Scrunched up in a really cool manner, that is.

A softer use of what is originally a hard image.

The fit is great and you can observe the raw quality of the metal properly up close.

WOW. No idea what he used to create this distorted effect. Movement is ingeniously created in these static designs.

The punch of red is lovely.

I don't know about others but I often respond to clothes in the same way that I respond to art. Fashion design IS art in my opinion.

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