Friday, October 10, 2008

These are the covers I created for my Japanese courseworks, which I handed in today. Cute, aren't they? Boy, Japanese coursework is such a killer! They make you write a 2000-word report on a social issue, and not just one but TWO reports. That's on top of the topic you have to prepare for oral speech. And no, THE THREE TOPICS CANNOT HAVE ANY DIRECT RELATION TO EACH OTHER. For every one I have to spend a long time researching and trying to decipher the material I gathered, then putting it in writing. They're really determined to test every aspect of your Japanese ability. So rigourous! But I'm so happy that I finished it! Anyway, I think doing coursework is very meaningful. Can improve my Japanese language ability and my knowledge of Japan at the same time. Why don't we ever get such assignments for Chinese last time? Like write about an issue of our choice in Chinese? That's so much more interesting than the contrived essay topics we're always doing. Besides, we get to watch interesting videos in Japanese class! Best of all, we can share our love of Japanese dramas. I think my classmates' talents are going unnoticed. I'd say the same for art. Hopefully our exhibition this coming friday (!) can change that. People know who's the best for physics and how good they are. But people don't know how good some of my classmates are at Japanese. Seriously, some of them are quite sick. Oh, I finally watched my classmates' animations. They're really good! Hope our exhibition can expand people's notions of what art is. But you know what? I'm sure some people don't know where the art room is. Did I mention that this is going to be a really long and meandering post? I'm unusually, freakily excited now about I don't know what. It's got to be a combination of the spring collections, things I'm going to do after A levels, the upcoming exhibition, and the fact that I finished three courseworks in the last month alone! Fancy that! Oh yes, I've got a new lit. book that I call the psychedelic book. Do you know I actually like reading the poems in my lit. book as bedtime reading? I remember the girl at the teaching scholarship talk said that if I could get through three courseworks I'd know that I can do anything. That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now. On top of the world!

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