Saturday, October 4, 2008

Art coursework

Art coursework has been a real test of my mental strength. My most trying period was after the September holidays when I had to cope with doing coursework, studying for H2 and H3 art prelims and preparing my IS and Japanese coursework for consultation all in one week. What's more, that was the period when I ran into some problems while doing my final pieces. It was a really rocky time for me, the worst I'd ever experienced in my entire school life. I'd do art from 8 in the morning to 7 something at night, then rush home and alternate between studying and typing my Japanese coursework. The cycle repeated itself everyday. My body in a mechanical mode. At some points I got so tired I wasn't thinking straight anymore. According to my sis, I laid on the bed and immediately blacked out a couple of nights when she was still playing videos. It was very frustrating for me to constantly face my pieces everyday which didn't seem to be working out. I felt like I would never finish.

I did finish though, and the result plus the feeling of pride and satisfaction I got made the experience completely worth it. To me, it is my biggest achievement in all my school years. One thing I found out is that when I'm really passionate and want to achieve something, I'm capable of going all out to get it. Like working non-stop and breaking only to have meals. I think I know now the value of hard work. I know what it means to be truly obsessed with something. Everyday art was on my mind, even when I went to sleep, and it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up every morning. Put into perspective, those petty crushes on boys must seem so trivial. That's not called obsession, I say.

I don't want to make it sound like it's all about me, cos it's not. The teachers really helped to guide and encourage me, especially my tutor. Without her, I'd have lost the direction of my work. I owe it to my classmates as well, who slogged along with me. That helped me so much! Their dedication to their work really made an impact on me. We're all so different in our styles, which manifests in our work, but one thing I trust we share is the love of art. Strangely, surviving on biscuits together is a bonding experience in itself! So today, we're going to properly celebrate the completion of our coursework with a party. It's a well-deserved celebration in my opinion. Kudos to us!

P.S. Scrubbed the floor of the gallery until my hands ached yesterday. The place looks so clean now, like a proper gallery. So excited for our exhibition!

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congrats! jiayou =)