Sunday, October 5, 2008

My art teacher and mentor for my coursework has established her own clothing line, Yumumu. Her designs can be viewed at "PaperDoll" is not really my thing, though I understand the concept of it, but there are some beautiful dresses in "East Asian Misfits", which reinterprets East Asian traditional attire like the cheongsam, kimono and hanbok. Incidentally, the clothes for "East Asian Misfits" are modelled by her.

Inspired by the cheongsam:

Straps of the kimono:

"Korean prata man" (sounds interesting):

So this is the design inspired by an Edo warrior that she told me about during consultation! It happens to be my favourite out of the lot.

I've decided to apply for fashion design at CSM, Parsons and Bunka. I might regret it if I don't! I suppose some people might not understand or support my venture, especially because they think I'm 'smart', but I don't expect them to. Maybe they've only seen the studious side of me, but not the artistic one. Besides, the fashion industry is filled with smart people.

The powers that be in school are coming to view our works tomorrow morning. We must stand beside our works and possibly explain to them or something! I hate this. The only consolation is missing Maths (I hope). Sorry, I still don't like Maths, though I appreciate the brave efforts of people who teach it to students like me.

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