Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tranquil Thoughts

Sources: Foto Decadent (first two images), John Millais' Ophelia, Odilon Redon's Ophelia

Something about the image of a young woman floating peacefully in a lake or river, untouched by the outside world, is so striking. I think it's the surreality of the situation and idealization of death that leaves an impression. I've noticed that fashion editorials seem to employ techniques and concepts from works of art, to great effect in this case.

I was at a bookstore yesterday and I took more notice of cover designs than usual. Has anyone seen those revamped covers of classics like Jane Austen's novels? It's interesting that they have a clean, modern aesthetic yet retain the essence of the stories. I also checked out a few books by Haruki Murakami, an author that I'm interested in.

Oh yes, I've mailed my form so that means I'll be attending Otis this coming fall, hopefully to major in fashion design. Wow. I don't think I've fully absorbed the news yet. I couldn't really sleep last night from the excitement and I'm kind of at a loss now. Is it crazy to give up comfort and stability and go there not knowing anything? Maybe. But you know, I'm someone who relies on my instincts. I often have strong feelings compelling me to do a particular thing, and so far they've never proven me wrong. I can't quite explain it. It's part of the thrill and excitement of life, going with your instincts and seeing where they take you.

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