Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thrift Finds

This is a post about my past finds from Salvation Army, which I used to visit because it was near my school. The tops cost and skirts mostly $5 or $3 during discount periods, dresses more. The lace dress below was the most expensive- $16. I think it speaks for how cash-strapped I am when a significant portion of my wardrobe is made up of Salvation Army finds.

Notable mentions: the short-sleeved white dress with white applique is cute when worn and the lace dress is quite beautiful. The short white skirt has a good deal of 'poof' and swing to it, making it the perfect summer staple. The white gypsy skirt is surprisingly versatile as well. The tweed skirt is super cute, and so is the blue pleated one.

The pink dress is nice and loose with a drawstring to adjust the look. This black beaded purse has a flapper vibe to me. Haven't used it yet.

Straw bag = perfect summer tote. I haven't really used the fake animal skin reddish clutch, just thought it was interesting.

Finally, the star item:

A pair of vintage mint green Salvatore Ferragamo low-heeled pumps! They cost $30, more expensive than the usual thrift store shoes but still wayyy good for Salvatore Ferragamos. The colour is so dreamy and the material is buttery soft. When I saw them, I thought they were pretty but I had little hope of them fitting me. With thrift stores you can't always expect to find your size. When I tried them on, however, it was a perfect fit. The problem is that I'm afraid of wearing them for fear of ruining the material, which seems quite delicate. I think I've found the right occasion though. We shall see.
Also, my sis has bought some bits of jewellery and fittings here and there from the place. She takes them apart and makes new pieces from them. I'm planning on wearing one of them soon so I'll have a photo to post.
Hope you enjoyed reading this!


Jing said...

i'm exceedingly jealous of your thrift finds! i was never so lucky. the dresses and that jacket are such gems. please post mod pics soon! please!

Ly said...

There's one Salvation Army thrift store in Jalan Bukit Merah as well, quite near where I'm staying. Maybe I should check it out sometime! :D