Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is an utterly unnecessary post to reiterate that I'm really psyched to have gotten the tickets for the Gareth Pugh fashion show. I think he produces really cool, avant-garde designs that I'm excited to see in person. Oh, and one more thing- I think we're going to be the first to see his collection (the Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection) on the runway! How amazing is that?! You see, he didn't host a show during Fashion Week, choosing instead to release a conceptual video. Wow. I'm just so grateful that I managed to lay my hands on the tickets, because I just checked and one show (the Marc by Marc Jacobs show) is already sold out and it's only priority booking right now. Though I wonder why people would choose Marc by Marc Jacobs over Gareth Pugh. I guess it's a more commercial, crowd-friendly line but it doesn't beat the genius of Gareth Pugh.

Yay! I'm finally going for my first fashion show!

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