Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Californian Home

I like the spacious, well-lit interiors and cheery colours typical of Californian settlings.

For me, Richard Diebenkorn's paintings best embody the spirit of California. Similarities in their formal quality and the aesthetic of the Californian home can be found- the angular compositional features, sunniness, and unadulterated hues. His paintings also have a casual feel to them because of the relaxed brushwork and loosely-defined forms.

Another artist worth mentioning is David Hockney, whose sleek Pop Art-style paintings exemplify the swanky Californian designer home. His inclusion of modern architectural elements, furniture, and materials like glass makes his work unique and reflective of the socio-economic context. The smooth, flat finish he achieves and the clearly-delineated forms contrast with that of Diebenkorn. I like how he renders interesting surfaces and textures like the rippling, luminous top layer of a swimming pool.

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Jing said...

love Hockney's work.