Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been trying to do figure and fashion drawings so that I won't be caught unprepared when I enter Otis. The complicated-looking diagrams you see are my attempts to draw the female figure proportionately. Basically, I analyse poses in magazines and sketch out what the body might look like under the clothes.
After some practice, I attempted to do a fashion illustration which didn't turn out very well. Firstly I was severely limited by the number of Copic marker colours I have (flesh tones aren't one of them). So I had to use watercolour pencils for the skin which wasn't good at all. I realise that thick black marker outlines aren't suitable for realistically-rendered drawings, but I wanted to practise my gestural strokes and I do not have a suitable thin black pen. One thing I actually quite like is the gold-embroidered denim vest. It looks somewhat cute and realistic I think.
I watched a few videos online and they're quite helpful. Something I don't get is the ink/ paint that people apply with a Q-tip. What sort is that? I'm feeling very stupid here because I tried to dab some Copic marker ink on the head of a cotton bud and smear it but it didn't work. Oh, and I'm wondering if Prisma colour pencils are different from normal colour pencils. Also, how to make skin not look fake, including obtaining the right shade?
Maybe I should sign up for an elementary dressmaking course. And buy more art supplies. Oh dear, I'm feeling very poor now.

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