Sunday, April 5, 2009


Top: a foldable 'light blanket' invented for supply to underdeveloped countries where electric lights are practically nonexistent. Studies show that having a light source at night increases literacy and rate of production. This got me thinking- in modern life, our amenities are so well provided that we take lighting and its benefits for granted. We forget that there are others who lack this convenience in their lives. Can you imagine spending a night without lighting? Most of us would be utterly incapacitated in our activities. Herein lies the value of this blanket, a really ingenious design solution that allows those in less developed societies to make their hours of darkness as fulfilling as ours.
Bottom: an example of 'decotora', a truck decorated with psychedelic neon lights. Apparently it is a trend in Japan for truck-owners to fit their trucks in this manner. The Japanese are known for coming up with all sorts of ideas. This one looks rather tame, and somewhat cool in fact, but there are some which resemble roaring, flashing monsters, deeply hurtful to the eye.


Kay said...

This is a really good post, the blanket sounds like a great idea

Julia mode said...

love our photos !!=)