Monday, April 27, 2009

Images from the book 'Odilon Redon: Beyond the Visible'

I'm only beginning to discover what an amazing artist Redon is. He's skilled in using chalk pastels, charcoal, oil paint AND does etching as well. It's amazing to me as I can't handle any of these mediums particularly well. I should try harder. He's also a brilliant colourist, though his noirs (monochrome charcoal renderings) are equally skillful.

I don't talk much about current affairs on this blog, but the outbreak of swine flu has got me worried. I'm going to California in the fall for studies, where there's been cases reported, and I sure hope everything clears up before then. I even had horror-stricken thoughts of a global pandemic, with everyone staying at home and people not being able to go to school locally much less overseas.

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