Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yes, I think my state of depression the past few days can be attributed to my cold. Today, having almost recovered, I felt so much better and happier! At the Isetan basement and supermarket area, I got my dose of Japanese food as they were having a Japanese fair. Green tea ice-cream, Japanese mochi in myriad flavours. And I had a MOS burger. My favourite item has got to be the Yakiniku beef burger. The beef slices are just so tender and flavourful.
Earlier in the day I visited the MAAD market, a fair where people can sell their handmade goods. Me, my sis and my parents also visited a car showroom, because we're getting a new car. Our current one is too much of a fuel-guzzler. I don't know much about cars, but my dream car is a Yellow Volkswagon Beetle. Actually, I mentioned the MAAD market because currently I'm working on some handcrafted stuff while waiting to get a job or internship. I hope to have things up and selling online soon. I'll give more details in a later post.

So, my outfit today!
I'm re-wearing my white pants. Somehow I think this outfit looks better in person. I got a considerably less amount of stares in this. My outfit on Friday received quite alot of looks, probably because of the combined effect of two big rings and hot pink nail polish.
Let me do some shameless advertising here. The coin necklaces are my sis' most recent creations. I think they are the best part of this outfit, and my metallic bag strap and funky nails go nicely with them. She's gonna launch an Etsy shop pretty soon! I foresee a certain obstacle: my potential unwillingness to part with the pieces she makes.
I have a matching beaded bangle that's my mum's.
Later when it got cold, I slipped on a silver finely-knitted drapey shrug. The whole effect is rather Dries Van Noten-ish, don't you think?

I loved the effect of my pink glossy painted toenails with gladiator sandals so much that I couldn't resist wearing them again.

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ellastica said...

great look.
love white jeans/black top combo. envious of your up do.