Monday, February 9, 2009

Current projects

In a previous post I mentioned that I'm working on some projects. Firstly, I'm joining forces with my sis to establish an Etsy shop selling her handcrafted jewellery.

Our shop will be called 'Hoshii' ('I desire' in Japanese) and this is the logo I designed today. We wanted something simple and memorable.

In addition, I'm working with Kim and Hui Jun on our future art shop (Ernest fits into the picture somewhere). Kim collected a list of words and we randomly created some combinations (this is totally my thing). That's the kind of people we are :). We're going to start making customized journals, cloth bags, file covers and earrings.

This is my sketch of some design ideas on the theme 'Starry Elegy'. Sounds so poetic to me.

This is my rather blank page on 'Royal Imitation'. It's a little trickier to work with.

'Fuzzy Literature'. Tee hee.

'Fluff chortling elephants'. Cute.

'Salad Chorus'. I think this would be a good design for a supermarket bag.

I made the cover of a journal today based on one of my 'Starry Elegy' designs. The words are stitched with yellow thread, sequins and beads. I really like the colour combination.
We have a blog right now, you can visit it:

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