Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little magic in my life

I was waiting at the MRT station for my two friends, to visit the art museum together. Unexpectedly I spotted a girl who was from my literature class, and I walked over to greet her. After a period of conversation she says, "Aren't you the one who did the dress out of paper?"

"You went to see it?"

"Oh yes, Vivian dragged me to see it. It was amazing! And you made not only one, but three! How did you do it?"


Yes, she was referring to my A-level coursework. I was pleasantly surprised and touched at the same time that people still remember it. Strangely, it seems to have happened a rather long time ago. For me, I won't ever forget it, but I was pretty sure that others had moved on and left it at the back of their minds. It makes me feel so happy that I can touch people and leave an indelible impression on them this way. This incident really brought a sparkle to me today, and I shall keep this feeling in my heart for whatever I do from now on.

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