Friday, February 27, 2009

Star Wars

Something you might not know about me is that I'm a total Star Wars geek, and I mean the original trilogy and not the prequels. There's something about wacky costumes, hairstyles, creatures and spaceships, or the whole mismash, that thoroughly appeals to me. I like the whole idea of a city in the air, with landing pods for spaceships. Each planet is a diferent country and every planet has a different climate. Wouldn't it be cool if we lived like that in future? Actually, it struck me when I was in Tokyo that we kind of have 'cities in the air' already. Tokyo, with its population density, has a few levels in some spots such that it no longer makes sense to speak of 'ground level'.

Another aspect of the movies that I like- the Jedi's weapon of choice, the lightsaber. I like the funny sounds it makes and how it combines modern technology with traditional swordfighting. It was after watching the original Star Wars that I had my first movie star crush, on both male leads. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are so swashbuckling and dapper. This post is a tribute to the series that so enthralled me I once walked around for a whole day chanting 'Luke Skywalker' and 'Princess Leia' under my breath. I love it for its mix of sci-fi, kookiness and boundless imagination in the creation of another world. Here are some wonderful captures of the fantastic trio:

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