Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm inspired to design a collection. Unfortunately, my mum refuses to buy me a tailoring mannequin until I "know where I'm going". So that derails my plans a little. There are three points of influences that I can work from, and I'll choose one of them after doing some research.

1) Princess Mononoke
I can't explain this, I'm just intrigued by the setting and costumes of this Hayao Miyazaki film. I like the idea of having a close connection to the environment.

2) Japanese Zen rock gardens and Ikebana
There is something so inherently different in the Japanese aesthetic- their concepts of beauty and harmony, the configurations they come up with. The forms inspire me.

3) Star Wars aged futuristic look
I visited a Star Wars exhibition a few years ago, and one concept stuck with me. George Lucas said he wanted to create a futuristic city in the sky, but one that looks aged, as if it has weathered many centuries. That almost paradoxical vision seems really fascinating.

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