Sunday, February 15, 2009

Current exhibition- Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night

At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

From the exhibition catalogue:

"Throughout his life, Vincent van Gogh, painter of colour and light, was fascinated by evening and night scenes. His oeuvre is full of great works celebrating these atmospheric hours. In the most famous of them, the peerless Starry Night painted in Saint-Rémy in June 1889, he evoked—as no one has done before or since—the sense of a glittering, star-filled night sky. Above all, Van Gogh associated the quiet hours after sunset with a feeling of security, with solace, and with poetry... he developed a wholly individual style of painting ‘light in darkness’, with his striking use of colour and rhythmic handling of the paint. "

My two favourite night scenes of his:
Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

The Starry Night

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