Monday, February 16, 2009

New York Fashion Week

My favourites so far are Christian Cota, Ohne Titel, Threeasfour and VPL. Some of the collections feel a little repetitive.



While not exactly original, his clothes are undeniably beautiful in a subtle way. The soft forms, muted colour palette and careful details work together to form a unifying force.


Nicely-draped clothes with a dark sophistication. The clothes don't feel too heavy despite the sombre hues. They are also slightly body-defining hence make the wearer look sexy despite being all covered up.

This collection fascinates me. The overall look and styling is space age-meets-ice princess, with hints of darkess. The incorporation of angular cuts, especially in the swooshy layers, is certainly interesting. I think I'd grow to love it more and more.

The individual strengths of each piece is what makes this collection work for me. Everything is wonderfully cut and draped, conveying a sense of ease and wearability. I also like the silhouettes and the colour palette.


The use of white tights makes me want to dig out mine and wear them again. They certainly attract a lot of attention. None of my favourite brands have had their shows yet! I'm excited to see their offerings.

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