Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday was my first day of work at the HP printer company testing printers from Japan. I'm happy to be able to use my knowledge of Japanese. As the office is near Alexandra Road, after work me and my sis went to the IKEA there to get boxes for storing our shop's supplies. We had alot of fun taking wacky photos in the children's section. Their stuffed wood animals like foxes, beavers, squirrels etc. are so cute I couldn't resist posing with a pair. I also found an interior to complement my outfit and got my sis to snap me. The last photo shows two lamps that I really liked and was inspired by. Visiting IKEA is really a treat for the eyes.

About my outfit: I think the colour and print of this Liz Clairborne top bought by my mum is really rad. These light brown pants are really a staple of mine. I usually wear them cuffed like this, so I'd really like a pair of spectator heels/booties to complete the look. Wonder where to find a nice pair in Singapore?

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ellastica said...

two of my wardrobe staples are by liz clairborne. a multi-metal necklace that goes with everything and hooded black canvas coat w/zebra lining. she's an unexpected source for quality, non-trendy but eye-catching items.
perhaps i'll do a post on this...
i've yet to step foot inside an ikea. altho i do collect their catalogues for inspiration.
btw congrats on your new job and school!
i can tell you'll go far;)