Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm IN LOVE with this military jacket that my sis thrifted. I couldn't resist playing around and styling a few outfits with it. The contrast of its tailored, smart look with the softer white poofy skirt is lovely in my opinion. I also like it with my new blue pants for a slightly equestrian look. I call it my Borders outfit, because I swore to my sis that I'd wear it at the Borders in Orchard Road. Why Borders? 'Cos it's about the only place in Singapore where you can wear something a little warmer (other than Snow City).

This is my new cuff I bought for $6. I think it's a really good deal! It reminds me of those silver Native American jewellery that I so love. The photo was taken by me and it came out looking surprisingly professional.
Why do I love jewellery so? I always have fun at the jewellery sections of high street stores like Forever 21, draping all kinds of pieces on myself and admiring them in the mirror. I think I should be banned. I guess it could be due to my mum's fantastic collection which really inspired my appreciation and affection of jewellery. I gush over gems and precious stones as well. That could have come from my grandfather, who used to run such a store dealing in them.
I'm working hard now to get the online jewellery store I co-own with my sis up and running. One problem is that I can't resist keeping some of her pieces for myself, like those necklaces above and a REALLY good yellow crochet necklace. I really, really hope to start selling soon. The excitement of making our first sale! Yaaahh!

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angesil said...

the only thing lacking is equestrian boots ;)