Monday, June 23, 2008

Update on today

School just started and I'm already feeling overburdened. These coming two months or so are going to be VERY hectic for me. Believe me, I'm not one to consciously overexaggerate. I won't say "I think I did super horribly for that test" or "I'll surely fail" unless I really think so. If I think a test was ok, I'd say so. If I think it went pretty well, I'd say so too. I have to finish my art coursework, my KI independent study, my japanese coursework and prepare my topic for my japanese oral in slightly more than two months. Yup, there is an oral component for japanese 'A' levels. We have to present on a topic related to Japan, then engage in a discussion with the examiner. Obviously, I have to read very in-depth into my topic and brush up on my verbal skills. Because of the lack of everyday use, I'd rate my verbal and listening skills as weaker than my reading and writing skills. That's why I'm kind of worried about my oral right now.

Well at least today was a pretty good start to the week. I received my maths grade which was a good B. I also found out the grade for my art coursework which takes up 60% of my h2 art grade. It was a good B as well, one mark higher than maths. Hopefully this trend will continue for my other subjects.

Another positive note is that my family had dinner together at home for the first time in ages. We ate crab and durian. Such typical singaporean fare. It was a nice feeling to chat and spend time with each other after such a long, hectic day at our respective institutions and work places.
It's comforting to have a cosy home and family to come home to at the end of the day.

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