Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feature Artist- EDWARD HOPPER

Since my previous post included a painting by him, I thought I would post something about Edward Hopper. He's an American artist I discovered recently through art class. It wouldn't do justice to say that his works are about social alienation; they are far more subtle than that. The American landscape such as gas stations, diners and drugstores acts as the settings in his paintings. They are not just background scenery, but imbued with a character of their own. Usually standing alone and set against the night, they become almost like beacons of hope, comfort and shelter, or symbols of isolation depending on which way one sees it. When human figures appear in his work, they are often depicted with some awkardness in their setting. Their indistinct faces give the impression that they could be just about anyone in the society, even ourselves. They seem to invite the viewer to divine their stories. His works therefore offer a look into the human psyche. However, even though isolation is emphasized, his works are not simply bleak, depressing portraits. Ultimately they show us, paradoxically, that "we are not alone in being alone".

Rooms for Tourists


Chop Suey

Drug Store

New York Movie

Nighthawks (love the name)

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