Saturday, June 28, 2008


Have you ever heard of this project called PostSecret? It's a totally ingenious concept, and part of its ingenuity lies in its simplicity. Anyone can anonymously send a postcard with a secret written on it to the creator of the project, who features some on his blog, publishes books, and organizes exhibitions of them. I'm thoroughly fascinated and moved by some of the secrets. Alot of the postcards are really artistic too. Copyright issues dictate that I'm only allowed to post one picture:

Others that had a profound impact on me:
"I'm a respected designer, but I've often stolen my students' work... One day someone will notice."
"One of my best friends just got back from a honeymoon and I have NO desire to look at the photos."
The website even tells of how the project started from a dream he had, and includes some follow-up letters from people who mailed the postcards. The blog doesn't have an archive; everytime he updates he takes the old ones down.

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