Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alteration projects

This holiday has been a rather fruitful one when it comes to clothing alterations. Why do we have clothes to alter? Well, some of our clothes are thrifted from Salvation Army or bought cheap from sales. In other words, they're good deals but they don't fit us exactly or need a little change in their design. This is where a handy sewing machine comes in!

Project 1: A long white skirt with brown print. Don't know how to describe it but the print is a bit tribal/bohemian/summery. This was bought some time ago before I realised that I get more wear out of shorter skirts. So I did a simple hemming and it's now a cute summer skirt.

Project 2: A denim skirt that was too long for me to walk with ease when wearing it. This was also easily solved by hemming it. The new length looks great with my striped top and my Clubmarc floral print tank top.

Project 3: Denim overall pants from Salvation Army probably worn by some obnoxious, oversized kid back in the '80s. My sister converted the pants to shorts and I made the waist and hip area more fitted. Now I have a pair of overalls hanging in my closet. Again, I think it'd look cute with my striped top. The striped top was one of my buys this holiday. I've been looking for it for some time because I see it as an investment piece. It's proving to be super versatile. I'm just so afraid of it wearing out.

Project 4: A blue floral print dress. I bought it because it was on sale and I loved the print. I'd been wanting for a floral dress for a while too. What I didn't love was the ruffle on the hem which wasn't working for me. So I removed the ruffle. I'm thinking of wearing it as a summer dress with my white wedges and espadrilles or dressing it up with tights and high socks. The good thing about it is that I can change the look with different belts as well.

Project 5: A white dress from Salvation Army that looked matronly because of its length and sleeves. My sis hemmed it and made the sleeves shorter into cap sleeves. It's a lovely semi-casual dress now. Have I mentioned that it's our third white dress?

Project 6: A black and white diagonally-checked long skirt that has an elastic band at the waist. My sis shortened it and we now wear it with a belt as a dress.

Project 7: Another floral print dress that was shortened.

Project 8: A leopard-print dress bought for $10 from a Cotton on sale. I liked the print and design but my size had run out. The top part was way too low and gaping as well. My sis shortened the straps and sewed the top part smaller. It's such a nice, slightly slouchy dress now.

I realize that I should post pictures but I won't because I'm lazy.

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