Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A subtle romance

My mum and dad in London, 1978

While flipping through old photo albums recently, I realised that some of them had words written on the back and in doing so discovered a correspondence between my mum and dad in the 1970s when my dad was studying in New Zealand. I could never relate much to my dad- our habits and personality seem so different. But these letters have changed my mind. His tone and style sound so much like mine! It almost seems like something I could have written. I think I have found the one thing I inherited from him. It's so sad that letter-writting has become a thing of the past because I find it beautiful. Letter-writing used to be considered an art and some excelled at writing long, sensitive letters. These are some of the letters my mum and dad exchanged (deliberately small to protect their privacy):

And the photos themselves:


trinh said...

I think your parents are really sweet. :)

yilin said...

I know. I think it's really romantic.