Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I received my E. Lit. paper today. I was amazed that I passed the poetry compare & contrast component because I'd misread a word and as a result misinterpreted one of the two poems. This mistake has been on my mind for almost the entire June holidays. I'm so upset that I've disappointed not only my teacher but myself as well. When you have such a dedicated and caring teacher as I do you'd feel terrible letting him down. I never knew, or perhaps I'd forgotten, that a teacher could pay me this amount of attention. I almost feel like I'm not worth it, but then again that's my inferiority complex kicking in. I always feel frightened to answer teachers' questions in classes because I lack confidence in myself. That's something I genuinely want to change. If a teacher can believe in me so strongly, why can't I believe in myself?

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